The Yellow Lamb provides the highest quality children’s clothing and accessories. We have developed relationships with some of the best seamstresses and artisans from around the world to make our signature infant and children’s clothing. We take pride and enjoy designing each product that carries our name. Using the finest fabrics and laces available, we create new, yet traditional clothing collections for life’s most cherished events.

Our goal is to provide classic heirloom clothing for everyday and special occasions for infants and children. Thank you for visiting our site. We know you will find a special piece of clothing that will be passed down for generations to come.

How did The Yellow Lamb start?

Janie is one of four daughters. Our children are the youngest of eleven grandchildren, so her sisters passed down boxes of beautiful clothing their children had worn over the past 20 years. Additionally, Janie’s mom and both of her grandmothers were avid seamstresses and passed down clothes they had made. We won’t mention how old some of those garments are! We love the classic, timeless look of these garments. When we had children of our own we found it was hard to find similar new pieces, so Michael started making them for our children. Yes, Michael does the sewing.  Janie can’t even thread the sewing machine! Michael’s mother has been a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher for over 40 years, so he grew up around the sewing room and is very talented. Daygowns were how we started. We love the delicate fabrics and beautiful laces and trims used to create these heirloom pieces. We began doing custom work for infants and children in our neighborhood and the work quickly outgrew our resources. We began partnering with some of the best artisans and seamstresses from across the world to create what you see today as The Yellow Lamb clothing.

When we started The Yellow Lamb, our daughter was a baby, and we were expecting our son. We do have our hands full; however, we are passionate about designing and creating classic clothing that can be worn any day with ease of care. Parenthood is a busy time, but beautiful clothing should not be saved only for special events. Childhood passes so quickly; dress them while you can. Every day is a gift and should be celebrated with beautiful clothing.

Michael collects many things, among them he loves to collect vintage clothing and patterns as examples for designs, sewing techniques and inspiration for our own designs. Grandmothers and great grandmothers have passed down both talents and passion. Lillian wore on her first birthday a dress her maternal great grandmother made her grandmother for her grandmother’s first birthday. Lillian is pictured wearing a gown made by her paternal great grandmother for her grandfather when he was a baby—over 70 years ago. The details in this gown are stunning. We are on a never-ending search for examples of fine sewing techniques that are as beautiful today as they were generations ago. The beauty of these garments motivates us to design and create what we call everyday heirloom for the infants and children of today.

Why the name The Yellow Lamb?

Janie’s mom always called her four daughters her “little lambies”. When we started our business, Janie wanted to use the word lamb to honor her mother and her happy childhood. So, we chose yellow to imply a gender-neutral name. It is equally important for little boys to have special clothes too!

We hope you will enjoy our timeless, classic designs. We love seeing pictures of your “little lambies” in our garments. It gives us much inspiration and joy!

- Janie and Michael


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